Divinity (band) - The Immortalist TrilogyNew Divinity Album - The Immortalist Trilogy

We have decided to create our 3rd full-length album in a different way. We will create a 3 part series of 4-song EP albums that will develop a full length concept album trilogy.

The new album is called The Immortalist. The album concept will involve many different real-life topics with a sci-fi twisted story. It will be a journey of man who figures out how to become immortal and able to guide humanity via the subconscious dreamworld. The story will involve: crop circles, covert operations, DMT, lucid dreaming, aliens, conspiracies, and technological warfare.

The artwork and storyline will be crafted by the members of the band. Sean Jenkins, lead singer, will be creating all of the visual artwork, with the input of the other members, to deliver a unique experience of music, art, and story coming from the band itself.

Part 1 - 'Awestruck' is already recorded and ready to go! We have gone ahead and jumped into the project head first. Working with Sacha Laskow at his studio - Perfect Fifth Audio Architects, we have written and recorded the first four songs of The Immortalist. These songs will be available to you in digital format as soon as you contribute!

We are humbly asking for your help to fund the rest of the recording process so we can finish and release the entire trilogy to you and the rest of the world. We hope you decide to join in our fun and become a Divinity Collective member!

Here Is What You Get When You Contribute!

We want the fans that join us in building this new album to stand out from the crowd. We are going to call this group the Divinity Collective. By contributing to the Divinity Collective you will get 100% authentic merchandise directly from the band and you will also be added to the booklet and website credits. And to top it all off... each band member in Divinity will think of you in the highest regard possible. 


Here is a quick breakdown of the perks you can get when you contribute:

The Immortalist Digipak

  • Part 1,2 and 3 on one CD
  • 'The Immortalist' 40 page DVD booklet
    (designed by Divinity)
  • Comes with a Divinity sticker.
  • You are given digital download access to videos
  • digital download access to get Part 1 - album NOW!
  • Part 2 and Part 3 - full album download access.

$30.00 CAD

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Exclusive All-Over Printed
T-shirt + Digipak

  • Crowd-funders exclusive all-over printed t-shirt (designed by Divinity) plus Digipak.
  • Will only be available to people who contribute, then never printed again.
  • Digital download access to all songs and videos.

$70.00 CAD

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Exclusive Workshirt + Digipak (Divinity Collective)

  • Crowd-funders exclusive Divinity Collective work shirt (designed by Divinity).
  • Will only be available to people who contribute.
  • Comes with CD Digipak.
  • You will be a part of the Divinity Collective and thanked in booklet credits and on the website.
  • Digital download access to all songs and videos.

$100.00 CAD

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Exclusive Workshirt + All Over Printed T-Shirt + Digipak (Divinity Collective Special)

  • Crowd-funders exclusive Divinity Collective work shirt (designed by Divinity).
  • Will only be available to people who contribute.
  • Comes with CD Digipak.
  • You will be a part of the Divinity Collective and thanked in booklet credits and on the website.
  • Digital download access to all songs and videos.

$150.00 CAD

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Project Time Line

With part 1 already complete, we are currently in the writing process of part 2 & 3. Overall, we are looking to complete everything and release it all this Winter 2013. We are looking to finish writing and recording part 2 in Summer/Fall 2013 and then finish part 3 and release everything in late Fall/Winter 2013. We will do our best to stick to this time line as we are very dedicated and moreso excited to create new music!!

The Impact of Your Contribution.

By taking part in this campaign you yourself are a part of the cutting edge and helping to change how we make music. You are putting faith in us to come through and show you that we've got the experience and dedication to deliver on all accounts. The money we raise in this campaign will be reflected in the final product.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute online or simply can't afford to contribure right now – there are other ways you can help out. Spread the word! Tell your family and friends and let them know what's going on. We don't expect everyone who's listened to and enjoyed our music to join in the campaign, just let people know this is happening. With all the social media websites and ways we now connect with one another, by posting links to this page you are reaching places we would never be able to reach.

A Tribute To Rob Doherty

Rob Doherty

December 21st, 1970 - May 4th, 2012

Our story of Rob Doherty, a metal brother and mentor of DIVINITY

Back in 1999, in Calgary, Alberta, DIVINITY moved out of Sean's parent's basement and into their first jam space. They just so happened to be moving in right beside a band called PERICARDIUM. This was how they met and became good friends with Rob. They were schooled in Death Metal by Rob; blown away with his brutal riffage and heavy vocal style. The boys were always hanging out in Rob's jam space watching him play his brand of heavy metal and learning about other extreme bands such as CRYPTOPSY and SKINLESS.

Eventually, DIVINITY were lucky enough to play a couple shows with PERICARDIUM in that time and learned a lot about stage presence and tight performances from his band.

PERICARDIUM playing with DIVINITY at The Back Alley in Calgary (2002)

Rob then left Calgary and moved to back to Regina, Saskatchewan (his hometown) where he joined up with INTO ETERNITY to become a major part of that band. Again, DIVINITY got the honor and pleasure of playing multiple shows across Western Canada with Rob & IE over the next few years.

Rob then started a new project of his own called FINAL DARKNESS. DIVINITY became instant fans and would have gladly played shows with his latest project.

On Friday, May 4, 2012 at age 41 years, Rob Doherty passed away. Rob has been a metal brother to DIVINITY for years and years. They are sad to see Rob Doherty leave far too soon! He will never be forgotten by anyone that met him, played a show with him, or got to see him perform. He is in our thoughts forever.


Why we chose to cover 'The Dead Speak From Beyond' by Pericardium

PericardiumJust before the time when DIVINITY had decided to move into their first jam space, James and Sean were avid listeners of a local radio station - CJAY 92.1 FM - which had a metal show called "The Anvil" that was put on weekly by local DJ, Graeme Reaper.

During one of The Anvil shows, a local act by the name of PERICARDIUM was showcased and they played the song 'The Dead Speak From Beyond' from the album 'Anthems of Anger'

James and Sean were blown away that a local band could sound so heavy yet have melodic parts along with technical interludes. This song inspired them immensely only to soon become great friends with Rob.

Rob Doherty influenced DIVINITY in many ways. He was the first person to show them what Death Metal was all about. He always had a smile and good things to say to the band and always showed respect for everything that DIVINITY did.

As DIVINITY was beginning to build up new music in 2012, they had learned about Rob's sudden passing and felt they had to do something to pay tribute to all the positive influence he had among the band. So it became obvious to make the song 'The Dead Speak From Beyond' a DIVINITY song and keep the legacy of Rob Doherty & PERICARDIUM alive and strong.

The Dead Speak From Beyond Lyrics

I'm slipping away the end's in sight
As I sit and think of days gone by
Memories are laughed and cried
But there's so much left unsaid inside

When you surfaced on the other side
Did you send a message?
A vision of your travel through my dreams

If we could only discuss these things
When you were near me
But now you're gone
The dead speak from beyond

I snap from the pressure, once again, boiling inside
A blanket of darkness is all I see
Visions, I want to curl up and die
But I hear your voice inside of me

I'm slipping away the end's in sight


The Dead Speak From Beyond

A few thoughts on this song

We did not want to just simply re-record the song and put it out. We really wanted to make it our own yet give the song the respect it deserves. We have actually incorporated another song called 'Meditation III' which is the song that precedes 'The Dead Speak From Beyond' from the original album. We hope you enjoy both the new version and the original version.

We would like to thank the following people for all of their support...

To really capture the power and emotion of this song it took numerous people involved and we want to make sure that everyone knows how grateful we are for their hard work and support!

Rob DohertyRob Doherty (RIP)

First of all, we want to thank Rob Doherty for being a mentor, metal brother, and good friend of ours for many years. Thanks for creating PERICARDIUM and spreading death metal and heavy music to western Canada and abroad.

Thank you Rob!!

Final Darkness Facebook Page

Sacha LaskowSacha Laskow - Perfect Fifth Audio Architects

We could not have posted this song on Rob's birthday if it wasn't for Sacha. He has been working many long hours in his studio so that the song would be ready on this specific day. Sacha has become an audio engineer wizard and we always recommend talking to him if you are ever looking to record music or create an album.

He was a great lead guitarist for many years in DIVINITY and will always be a part of our DIVINITY Collective. Thanks Sacha!!


Derek PetrovitchDerek Petrovitch

Derek was of of Rob's best friends for many years. He is one of the biggest supporters of metal and you can almost always find him at every metal show that comes to town.

We made sure that Derek was involved with our discussions on how the song would be constructed along with music video ideas for our upcoming music video recordings.

We want to thank Derek for all his support!!

Rob Doherty Memorial Page

MarijaMarija Smolcic

Marija had worked together with Rob on a music project. They had created some tunes with Rob's music and Marija doing vocals. There were also some backing tracks of Rob that Marija still had copies of. We asked to use some of Rob's tracks for the intro of the song and she graciously allowed us to use them. We thank Marija big time for this!

Check out Marija's music as she is a very talented musician with a bunch of great songs! Thanks Marija!!


The Immortalist - Part 1 - Awestruck

A brief overview

We have decided to create a trilogy of 4-song EP albums. It will be a concept series that will tell a story about a character becoming immortal so that he can awaken humanity before it destroys itself.

We have written and recorded Part 1 of the series and will be releasing it in the very near future. Then we will spend the rest of 2013 (and possibly 2014) writing and recording Part 2 and Part 3 with a final release of a special edition of all 3 parts in one with a bunch of bonus materials (DVD, Poster, etc.)

We hope you join us in following an original and unforgettable journey of our main character becoming The Immortalist.


What to expect in the near future

We have plans of releasing each of the 4 songs individually and focusing on the meaning and its part in the story line of The Immortalist Trilogy. That said, You will be able to purchase the entire Part 1 of the series from any of the digital distribution websites on the internet (iTunes, Bandcamp, etc.)

We're also gearing up to record a music video for each of the songs to really capture the visual aspect of our music.

This website will grow as each song is released. It will showcase each song much like we have with 'The Dead Speak From Beyond'. We hope you start to check back often and follow us as we slowly reveal our story of The Immortalist!

Part 1 Release coming soon!!

Part 1 - Awestruck

  1. Distorted Mesh
  2. All Seeing Eyes
  3. Lucid Creator
  4. The Dead Speak From Beyond
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